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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Pissed off a tinsey bit

Someone put a looping link in the comment box today and it pissed me off as it prooved really hard to delete - I could have used the waco kid to be quick on the delete comment forever button because it was that quick. Now I dont want to moderate comments as I believe in freedom of speech but dont fuck me about with your whore wares via my page. Im sure Im not alone but there are ways and means of tracking down you sneaky bastards. You have been warned.


My Reflecting Pool said...

hehehe. Go get em Jude!

slaghammer said...

I hate spammers, etc. I spend about twenty minutes a day doing my part to make their lives just a little less comfortable. I’ve even called a few of the much-less-adept bastards on the phone and given them a proper reaming. Of course, they were rookies who left easy trails to follow, but it was still satisfying to hear them squirm.

General Catz said...

What is a looping comment? You could always do what i did, make people fill in that letter box so spammers can't automatically post.

Judith said...

I swear if another one fucks around with ma' properteee they gunna geths whatsa cumin to em *shakes fist*
Oh Id love to hear them squirm, I would serve them torrential abuse
It was a HTML comment which kinda hijacked the comment page redirecting it to their own page.. Unless I do comment moderation theres a high chance of that happening again - I dont want to moderate but its looking like I have to debate that with myself..