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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

General Tag

General Catz tagged me with 5 bands or musicians that I really like and to be honest I find these tasks very hard to complete mainly because I have such a broad spectrum of musical tastes I find it hard to nail down 5 bands. My choices I suppose here are the ones that stuck out for me at this point in time. If asked the same question tomorrow I could well have come up with Bowie, Zeppelin, Pantera, My Ruin, and the Sundays. So Just to keep her on her toes Im going to tag her back with the 5 most emotional songs she likes and why.
Im going to tag Puss, Pool and Flyin Fox with this..

Dead Can Dance
Lisa Gerard & Brendan Perry - This music just makes me feel so alive, with either of them vocalising separately or together. Both surge passion into the lyrics with their voices. Their music can be described as ‘world’ music I suppose. But to me its flavoured of sultry eastern nights, evocative, otherworldly, exquisite and lusty.

Cocteau Twins
Elizabeth Frazer’s voice is just liquid air. Most of their ‘lyrics’ are just another language that Liz just seems to know exclusively. But perhaps the most enrapturing and enchanting albums to own in your collection or to be introduced to their works are as follows Victoria Land (an album to listen to on summer evenings, cloud busting or just chilling out in the grass ; a musical labyrinth into a forest of images. Bluebell Knoll this is an excellent backdrop for Christmas , its hard to explain, ethereal vocals and sound just seem to give the ambience of clear starry night cosiness.
Heaven or Las Vegas, perfect album for driving at night- its calm without making you fall asleep at the wheel.

Nick Drake
A gentle musician and voice, guy died way too soon and was painfully shy as a person. I first discovered him when I was about 14. He was a bit of a hippy but not overt with it; to me he seemed to balance an appreciation of nature, angst, wonder and gentle humour - not an easy task but one he accomplished with such panache and ease. When I was 15 a letter I wrote weaved through a handful of his producers to his mother and we corresponded for a few years up until her death. In many ways I would not be the same person today if it were not for his music.

Tom Waits
If I ever got married Tom was going to be the entertainment on a piano. I love his rich intoxicated gravel tones and he’s just such a smooth bastard without realising it. Many a tear has been brought to my eye with his lyrics. He did a fabulous job on the soundtrack to Coppollas ’this ones from the heart’ with Crystal Gale. I have many, many favourites of his; Heart attack and Vine, Martha, Never need a wife, World died Screaming, Swordfish trombones I could go on... His voice and sound are unique and it makes me never want to visit New Orleans as I would be sorely disappointed to walk into a bar and not find him on a piano there.

Depeche Mode
Ok I know what you’re thinking - synth yes? 80s Yes? But I love these guys for their lyrics, alright they maybe poppy little beats sometimes but Martin Gore is an intimate lyricist with a penchant for S & M. To me these lyrics (not all of them mind) Get under my skin in an arresting and sensual way, Dave Gahans voice can be hypnotic and gets me into my vixen mode at the drop of a hat.They are indeed a guilty pleasure of mine but also a proud pleasure of mine also..


My Reflecting Pool said...

Nice choices. I'll get on this. I'm just as conflicted since I enjoy such an array as well.

Squid Vicious said...

Depeche Commode???

Well, there's no accounting for taste. I would have just listed "New Model Army" 5 times...

Glamourpuss said...

Five most emotional songs and why?

Blimey, that's a can of worms you've opened up there...


General Catz said...

Very cool stuff. Glad you took the challenge.

Will do 5 songs tomorrow. Easy peasy.

Judith said...

NMA? Hey thanks for stopping by I was begining to think you had vanished out of blogdom. The mode are alright ! ;oP
I like stretching people its the masochist in me ;P
Easy peasy lemon squeezy??