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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Bell for my Neck

This is no fantasy. No careless product of a wild imagination. We are not dealing here with idle supposition
General Horsefly. A warped, would-be dictator. His only feeling is contempt. His only desire is to command
Wasp. Your only feeling is for the vicious General. your only desire -- to rule at his side. Mosquito. You are without words and without thought. Yours is a brute force. Together these three are responsible for the darkest episode in Judith's Leg history, the one attempt at insurrection against her reasoned way of life.

(General Horsefly in the shadow of insect repellent spray -phantom zone strength - held aloft by Judith)
‘You alone will condemn us if you wish. Judith , and you alone will be held responsible by me. I swear it! No matter that it takes an eternity! You will bow down before me..’.
The grey mass of the insect repellent has entered through the spray duct and closes down on the insects
...Both you, and then one day, your heirs!

I woke up over the weekend with a limb that suspiciously looked like it belonged to John Merrik. It could only be an Insect bite, but I couldn’t figure out what kind because A we don’t have any bed bugs B if it where a bite surely it could only have been a mosquito, wasp or horsefly with the humid weather we have been having as of late. My leg felt like it was on fire,swollen like a balloon and was tender as fuck owee owee owee!. A cold pack was administered and cold cloths for the swelling to go down but even whilst resting aloft on cushions it did not seem to help much. So Im on a course of antibiotics now from the doc, and Im still walking with a peculiar gait and the leg is still tender. The swelling has gone down 50% but my leg still feels leprous..


My Reflecting Pool said...

sounds like a spider bite. Owee. But I like the dream sequence. Nice nightmare.

General Catz said...

Pool beat me to it. Definitely spider bite. When i was a kid in chicago, i'd get bitten from some kind of spider i was allergic to and the bites were the size of tennis balls (and just as swollen). it was completely revolting. you might want to spray around your baseboards cos that's where the buggers like to hang out. get better soon! xx

Hammer said...

Yeah spider..had that happen to me one time.

Sorry to hear it and I hope you make a speedy recovery!

Stucco said...

In Colorado, there is a species of spider that's not uncommon, but really freaky looking as they are vivid red and translucent looking. Like a nasty thing made with a cough drop or something. One bit my finger once and DAMN did that hurt. Looked gangrenous too, but got better.

I also read recently where bed bugs are making a comeback and in of all places, San Francisco. Nasty bastids.

Flyinfox_SATX said...


I hope you are feeling OK...and thanks for the Superman reference. I love movie quotes!

Get well soon!


My Reflecting Pool said...

Hi Judith! Hope you are healing well and getting your leg back to normal.

Stucco said...

Where the hell ya been young lady? You fall off the planet? Rare postings and no IM anymore? All is well?

Judith said...

Hi Guys
Thanks everyone for the well wishes, These antibiotiics have me feeling like blurghh, I should be off them by sunday, but as it is Im exhausted because the make me feel thirsty all the time (my mouth feels like its upholstered) Im drinking so much that I spend half the night up and down the stairs to the toilet. Im hoping to be back to normal by monday and the swelling will have toughened up.. Thanks again.

David said...

Jude, for years and years I have said you have talent and had a writer inside you. The more I read of your blog, the more you prove me right.

Glamourpuss said...

What is the point of these insects?

Hope you're skipping around soon, poor thing.


Crankster said...

As I read further and further back, more of this becomes clear. Jesus, that sounds awful. And how in the hell did you managed to get some sort of sub-Saharan tse-tse fly bite in Ireland. You amaze me!