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Friday, June 1, 2007

Pool of laughter

Reflection Pool and I where on Gtalk today and I told her this joke when I was stumped on something less serious to post about so at her request here is the joke I told..

A priest and nun where in the dessert with a camel - by the second day they had ran out of water and the camel died from dehydration the third day (he didnt get refueled) - the priest low on hope says to the young attractive nun 'yknow we're going to die out here would you give me a dying request?'
' certainly father'replied the nun
'Ive never seen a womans breasts in the flesh can you show me yours before we die' 'of course father' she softly said
she opens up her wimple and shows him a beautiful pair of breasts
'can I have a feel sister?'
'go ahead father can I ask something of you??'
'work away sister' said the priest getting ridgid with excitement
'Ive never seen a penis before can I look and feel yours?'
'no problem - work away' he said throatly
she opens his trousers and it sprang out rock hard and felt it excitedly
'yknow sister if I put this inside you it could bring life'
To which the nun quickly replied -'fuck that! put it in the camel and lets get the fuck out of here!


My Reflecting Pool said...

haahahahahahahah! Still funny! hahahaha

Flyinfox_SATX said...



Glamourpuss said...

Catholic priests - all the bloody same.