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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Award pour moi??

I have just been given this
by the so cool its criminal Pool. Im very, nay extreamly pleased at this!

How cool am I??? (it should be noted that she gave me her address earlier this week so I could send her the cash for which I bought at a high price)
Apparently I have to nominate 5 other women for the award but the buck stops at General Catz - she rocks because shes got uber cool musical tastes, speaks her mind and writes about some pretty cool stuff!


slaghammer said...

You do have that rocking thing going on. Congratulations.

General Catz said...

Jeez. Thanks. Wow.

You write of such a myriad of things that i sometimes feel lacking as i basically seem to just grouse. I like that your mind is so vast.

Thanks again, sweetie.

Hammer said...

I agree! Rock on!

My Reflecting Pool said...

You rock so much, you make up your own rules!

Glamourpuss said...

You're in good company...



Judith said...

if you were a bird Id give you one too (an award that is)
My pleasure
get yourself a nice frock and Ill give you one also
I may make up my own rules but isnt that what someone does when they have no idea what they are doing?? :)
Its all about knowing how to be cool (I say dangling a fag out of my lips and wearing shades)