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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Tearing my hair out

Ive been fiddling around with my links list here and nothing seems to work, Ive looked with pure scruitany and compared the example in the 'how do i edit my links list' nothing seems to be out of place and will it link?? It will link like two homophobic men thats how well it will link! Im thinking of suggesting to blogger to add into their menu or to their 'help team' (as I have been inundated with error codes whilst trying to visit a couple of my favourite blogs today) a 'how do I murder with my bare fucking hands due to frustration and not be held accountable' button on their menu. This does not help my spiralling bad mood to which I will rationalise the change of season - this waiting room of the world that it is, borderline exhaustion and breaking in a new pair of boots. Little to complain about havent I?

Im hoping that the finalisation of redecoration this weekend will give me a burst of enthusiasim..I think Ill hammer a bottle of Chateau pape de neuf tonight - its been absolutely months and months since I had a drink, so my resilience to alcohol is probably that of an 8year old so I should get giddy very quickly this will be to my other halfs annoyance or delight who knows but already Im warming to the idea of listening to Tom waits and crystal gale's 'this ones from the heart'(I will try later to put in in MP3 format here on the blog), lights down low, gallon sized wine glass in hand lounged out on the sofa like some veritable queen of sheeba.


Glamourpuss said...

Blogger has been especially shite today.

And I don't bother with the help pages; they are of the chocolate teapot school of efficacy. Luckily, I have Mac The Nice to ask - he's smart and computer literate. If you're really stuck, I could ask him for you.


General Catz said...

I can help too. Shoot me an email. Although i don't see anything wrong....

Anonymous said...

Check your e-mail.

I also put on a cape at night and fight crime.

james said...

lights down low, gallon sized wine glass in hand lounged out on the sofa like some veritable queen of sheeba.

Great writing. I too prefer the gallon sized wine glass. Speaking of wine, I'm in a cab sauvignon phase right now. I'm a bit of a wino.


La Cremiere said...

Winos forever!!!
I like that. I hope you enjoyed your Chateau Neuf du Pape, it's the only white wine I like.

Hey babe, you've been tagged to do a 'Toy Meme' - toys from your childhood... I look forward to reading your post.

Judith said...

Puss Catz Thanks Im going to try it when Im less pissed off with blogger and dont kick my desk across the room in frustration

Got it- Thanks (see above) So you fight crime I bet you look like Kurgen whilst doing so

Welcome and thanks for stopping by, Im a red wine drinker to be honest and that night in question I ended up drinking cider without the grandeur of waits and gayle, I felt guilty about opening a whole bottle for myself knowing I wouldnt finish it. Im a merlot girl at the moment and reds the only one for me. I stopped by your blog and read your 100 things about you - you should get the same tattoo as Johnny Depp!

You gaelic goddess your wish is granted!