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Monday, February 19, 2007

On the way to work II

It was a damp, cold and very wet Monday morning. The kind of morning when your eyes sting with tiredness, its late and you have not much time to do any of the essential tasks that one would normally carry out. As I grabbed for clothes of any description that where to hand I left home to work without my keys , umbrella, and more importantly something warm (a box black velvet jacket does not compliment such a mornings weather as such) I could have gone back in and got my long overcoat but this would have involved a chorus of 'Mama don't go puweeese' - Rips me in two yknow so Id rather look like a drowned rat than upset them.

On a daily basis, I walk under a railway bridge which is a grande big stone bridge with a pedestrian arch 'tunnel/walkway' either side. Its dank, dark and I always get a feeling of 'film noir' when approaching it on mornings and evenings such as this, when the weather is dismal. The stone walls have veins of dampness in its 50 feet of acoustic masonry and in the evening 3 red low lights fail miserably to give adequate visability In short its a great location shoot for spies, being followed and 'exchanging packages'

So there I am bleary eyed trying to cross the busy road when out of the corner of my field of vision I can see this figure. In the millisecond of seeing it the thought is 'cover it up love' thinking she was a prostitute selling her wares, then my eyes locked on to it because It looked like someone had stolen a manniquin and the voice inside my head said ' I could have some fun with this' and had already made up my mind to put it under my arm, leave it outside my door and call my other half when I got into work to let him know there was a new house guest outside cold and shivering and would he make her a cup of tea.

When I eventually got up close it turns out that it was actually pasted steadfast to the wall.. I took a photo of it with my cellphone, the camera is a little crap on it but you get the idea. First of all I thought it was a remenant from a photo shoot , then I thought maybe an artist is doing this at various places around the city to raise his profile, then I thought maybe its a revenge from aggrieved lover - I dont know but Im open to suggestions of the possiblities.


General Catz said...

Well that's a bit bizarre. I swear, the oddest things happen in that town!

You sure it's not a lingerie ad?

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I forgot where I left that. Would you like to know how I steadfastly pasted it to the wall???

(Me neither)

Stucco said...

I'm distracted and amused. She's ben very very bad, you see?

Scott from Oregon said...

I think someone will be by to paint on some evening attire, personally...

slaghammer said...

She reminds me of my first grade teacher, except for the long hair.

Glamourpuss said...

I'm sure I posted a comment here... Bloody Blogger!

Well, she's far prettier than most graffitti so long live Japanese Rope Bondage Sally.


Pickled Olives said...

Interesting! Nothing cool ever happens on my way to work!!!

Judith said...

Im not sure what it is but yes the oddest things do happen here

do tell Im intrigued

How bad do you think she was?

Hi & Welcome
Someone tried to take her home but only could get a left knee I guess Squid up above has some pretty industrial strength 'adhesive'

Im sure the teachers are supposed to give out the discipline and not the other way around

At least she was given some dignity when going out in public, some Masters can be cruel

Its the only interesting thing thats happened in a LONG time

Crankster said...

It's beautiful and depressing. With the blue tone of your cell phone, it looks like something out of a carnival funhouse.