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Monday, February 26, 2007

Political Prisoner?

As promised here are the photos my chap took the other night of the bound guardian of the bridge. It seems she is a symbol of some political significance to the people who pasted her up there. Further on down the block Suolas (my chap) found a small image of her painted to a wall surrounded by the other images here. I Had a theory that I spoke to Glamourpuss about recently that given irelands political stance (neutral) and the activity in Shannon airport (letting US iraq bound aircraft refuell at shannon airport) Ireland has been depicted as a bound woman( when under English rule and under penal law irish people could not talk about irelands political status and had to reference her as a woman with dark hair ( Roisin Dubh or dark roseleen)in song, written word etc so Im guessing they are applying this image as a modern day Roisin Dubh.. I think I prefer thinking of her as the romantic gaurdian though that rests on stone and shows me that no matter what her creator is trying to say with her, theres beauty to be seen in the darkest of places..
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Glamourpuss said...

I love the whole street art/grafitti/political protest blurring of lines that this illustrates so eloquently.


Stucco said...

Something good (a hot chick in ropes) came from this idotic war? Who'da thunk it?

Judith said...

Theres something to be said about street art and not just your normal spray can breakdance stuff (cant remember the right name for it and cant be arsed googling it in work right now) but one thing that irks me about it is when they do it on beautiful old buildings. I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder

idiotic war indeed. Hot chick in ropes - my other half thinks theres nothing more sexier, looks like you two are from the same pod

Pickled Olives said...

Holy cow. Freedom of speach only carries so far here. I can't imagine these images being allowed here and in public. Maybe on a T-shirt.

General Catz said...

At least you don't have to live here!

slaghammer said...

I wonder how much longer it will stay up before some government functionary decides it is subversive and orders it destroyed.

Judith said...

I suppose we have more freedom of speech here in comparison to you guys. There is a band called cradle of filth which have a t-shirt with 'jesus is a c***' (hate using that word)' can you imagine someone in the states wearing that tee? Here its just tutted at by the older generation?

The grass is always greener in many respects. If you had not got your present government maybe it would be the same for me too..

The government functionaries here are too busy lining their pockects with brown envelopes or running up their tab in the Dail to be worried about some naked hussey.

Murp! said...

You wacky Irish people! When you're not kissing the Blarney stone, digging for potatos, or burying your pots of gold, you are vandalizing public buildings. It makes me want to quaff a pint o' Guiness and join in on your shenanigans!

Judith said...

you also forgot to mention we are usually running away from people who want to steal our lucky charms. Murp! We reserve the best guinness for our fair isle, we export the other stuff that didnt quite make it and its supposed to be like liquid silk but having said that you wouldnt want to get a dodgy pint, it would be like a ferrari going through you (so Im told).