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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Givvin mama sugar

If you can over look the obsessional Rickman montage and enjoy this baby making inducing hit for what it is (it was the only vid on youtube with a decent sound recording of the song) then Happy valentines to all


slaghammer said...

Yeah, the video was a little distracting. The dude looked more like he was laboring in the garden than making sweet love down by the fire. Btw, the “garden” thing, I meant the actual garden and not the euphemism. You were right on with your assessment of the song though. I wouldn’t flinch if I were told millions of babies had been conceived as that song played in the background.

Murp! said...

I waxed my carrot to it. Does that count???

Judith said...

Marvin Gaye's probably responsible for the indirect concieving/ populating of a small country alright where as my Glen Danzig is responsible for my two as far as tunes are concerned
It counts if you kissed the carrott first and seen it home safely.

Crankster said...

My God!

Who in the name of all that is holy can get this obsessive about Alan Rickman?!?

I'm severely creeped out here.

Judith said...

I agree, to be perfectly honest I totally enjoy Alan Rickman as an actor but I wouldnt do anything like this, its more creepier with the music set to it,,