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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Jumping like a battlestar

Its the geek in me that gives that title to this entry.. Its been so long since I posted that I dont remember too much with clarity of whats been going on and there fore this entry will look like a time jump as you might see on battlestar galactica or babylon 5 and Im in danger of giving myself the impression Im a closet trekkie which I am absolutely not but am an avid fan of the new battlestar galactica re-imagined. Id like to say Ive been caught up in writing at home but my daughters but a stop to it ever since they found some hair clips and my drive on my pc rendering it impossible to save on floppy... the only significant things that I can remember is my other half forgetting mothers day, his daughter being sent a stinging letter from me and on the day she does gets suspended from school.. On the upside Im in the mode of take no prisoners and am always glad of the impowering feeling of dont fuck with me..

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