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Monday, March 20, 2006



Last week we found out that ryans oldest daughter had been caught stealing and also was drunk! The kid is only 12 and shes been threatening her mother and doing all sorts. Hearing about this has given me a taste for her blood because I know how manipulative she can be and altough she never tried it with me she has given me a few incidences where I have let her known that she would have to stay up all night to get one over on me. If I owned her Id dance on her mind you if she where mine It would never have got this far - shes up in court on tuesday and it seems like everything is taking a back seat until then. Ryan could be going over there unanounced to sort her out- she is trying to get over here to live as she hates her mother as she says but trust me once she is under our roof her mums is going to seem like shangri la and ours Dr Lecters house

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Boy that purple text was really hard to read on my PC !!!