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Friday, April 11, 2008

Object of Beauty

I have been a stranger here for a bit, One reason was that of the death of my Aunt and another was that I couldn't find the cable for the camera to do this post justice. A while ago I ran a caption contest Which Slaghammer of Alchemy Anyone won. He gave me postal details which where slightly incorrect, so the package was sent back to me and I returned it back to slags corner of the world with the correct address. The very over generous Slaggy sent me an urn of his which I commented on some time back as a gesture of all the two-ing and fro ing in the postal japery that occurred. But that was not the end of everything , the parcel arrived alright but the postal service demanded over seventy euro for it (it was 7am in the morning when it arrived and I had not been to the bank yet so I declined receiving it that day and told Slaggy about it, he was furious so to cut a long story short after some conversations between both sides of the Atlantic to the Irish postal system the urn arrived back to Slaggy where his lovely wife Jilly put the correct customs documents on it and hey presto! It now resides in Chez Aucturas. I have shown everyone whos crossed my door since the object of beauty with its stew of smoke on the neck and the luster of beetle greens and damsons at the base (unfortunately the light in my back room here does it no justice) But I feel immensely fortunate and proud to have it in my collection. For the time being its settling in between a copy of Poe and Le fanu (on one of the many book cases here) Until we install the glass shelves and lights for the alcove. Publicly I would like to Thank Slag and Jill again for their Generous Gesture and patience of the backward system that is the Irish postal system.


Flyinfox_SATX said...

First off, I am glad to see that you are well read. Yes the urn is beautiful. It looks heavy and very very expensive.

I think that these pics do do it justice. I thought the lighting brought it out nicely.


Glamourpuss said...

What a beautiful piece. He has talent that fella.

And the room looks gorgeous, too.


Stucco said...

Wow- what a cracker! Much finer than what I sent Irrelephant.

Stucco said...
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slaghammer said...

Sweet mother of Zeus! I can’t believe that thing made it all the way back to your side of the planet in one piece, especially after passing through the hands of US Postal personnel twice. Regarding the Irish Customs officials, they and I are not currently on speaking terms, for you see, my desire for information far exceeded their inclination to provide answers. Anyway, thanks to sweet Jilly as well as to your graceful patience, I can now claim that my humble pottery is internationally tolerated.

Gina said...

What a beautiful urn....and I love the red red color of your walls and pics.....just marvelous.