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Friday, March 21, 2008

Unearthly Child

Excuse my geekiness but on April 5th Doctor Who returns for season 4. April seems to be my geek freak out with new Battlestar Galactica , Heroes, My name is Earl , & Reaper commencing once more after the writers strike. Its going to be shameful the amount of time the idiot box will have possession of my soul!


General Catz said...

Of late, i have become a freak for Doctor Who. Bought the first series yesterday and ordered the second today AND i'm recording the third from the tv. What a geek, but it's sooooo good! Series 4 doesn't start here till late april. I think 9 and 10 are both fab but i'm leaning more towards Tennant. You?

General Catz said...

Wait a sec, where's Martha in that promo? Has she moved to Torchwood permanently?

Say It said...

hmmmmm. I feel I must check this out. I haven't seen a single episode of Doctor who, and I'm a total geek.

Judith said...

Oh catz Christopher Eccleson was a choice actor for the new series but no one can touch tennant in my book the man was born for the role
Say it
Im such a geek I have the intro music on my playlist here check it out you wont be disappointed (Dave's a bit of a dish too in my book too!