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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Storm In A Teacup

So last Weekend Ireland and the UK where told to 'Batten down the hatches' as the 'storm of the century' was bubbling up in the Atlantic and on its way to beat the glue out of these Isles. Now I love a storm , I know people out there in the USA who are living in Tornado Alley and the Gulf area wouldn't share that point of view with me - but Im from a mild and humble little country where the rain falls soft on green fields where the brae of a donkey is uninterrupted by the staccato resonance of raindrops. Its such a novelty for us. As children we where told of the mythical and humorous notion that the thunder was really the itinerants trying to steal the gates of heaven.

I was only 16 when the hurricane of 1987 came to these shores, and the romance of the lightning and the powerful winds did not conjure up fear in me, it made me feel alive with all things great. Watching the veined hands of electricity trying to grasp the earth, feeling the wind scream through your hair and having an almost exfoliating effect on your skin. The geography and landscape switching to from day to night in seconds, Beautiful yet savage, not thinking once about its consequential dividends.

So I was very much hyped up for the upcoming storm, we took all the flowerpots in from the veranda, made sure all essentials where in and watched the rainfall and satellite forecasts on the meteor logical Ireland site. And we waited .... and we waited until about 1am I gave up my dream of being 16 again.

The saying popped into my head as I lay my head on the pillow in a pissed off spoiled childlike fashion -'there can be only 2 things in this world that is certain; Death and taxes'

*this vid contains two of my favorite things tom waits & crystal gayle's album 'this ones from the heart' and some classy looking lightening.


Say It said...

Sorry you missed you amazing show. I can just see you all pouty and pissed.

I don't miss torrential down pours and roaring thunderstorms at all. In Texas the sky seems so close to you that thunderstorms literally feel like the Gods are angry. My dog Brownie would go mad and we'd need to sedate her. The power box outside on the hill always got hit with lightning. And my neighbors house was hit with lightning that caused all their wiring and electronics to blow. It jumped to our house but only caused a brown out effect and blew the cable tv box.

I much prefer it here where the trees take the brunt of nature, not me. :)

General Catz said...

i was there for the storm of '87 too. i watched tv and then slept right though it. i didn't know the carnage till the next morning. by the way, it wasn't a hurricane.

i'm sorry you missed your storm, too. seems like england is getting some mighty awful storms and flooding these days, though. one day it will sink.

Judith said...

Say It
Geographically speaking its all relative I probably would have a different view if I lived in tornado alley
You must sleep like the dead? What do you mean it wasnt a hurricane? I looked it up and although it didnt originate in the tropics it was still classed as one????

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