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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Crushed Idol

In the early 80s I was emerging into my teenage years and getting into some pretty cool music for a kid my age (led zeppelin, creedance clearwater,beatles etc) now when youre a 13year old girl with hormones in a havoc usually ones attentions are turned towards cute boys, all my friends happened to have crushes on all the members of Duran Duran, wham or other clean cut bands but my head was turned by another, a bad boy if you will who, to me exuded charisma with his elvis like sneer and what I considered then raunchy lyrics. It was no other than Billy Idol, even years after I never considered this guy to be a guilty pleasure or something to be ashamed of when asked who was my first teenage crush (actually he was basically my only one with the exception of old hamster cheeks Kiefer Sutherland who caught my interest briefly with the lost boys and flatliners)

I remember one day cutting out from my older sisters magazine a photo of him bare chested with his hands down his open leather trousers , the article had the emblazoned title 'Sex , Leather & Whiplashes' I cut the photo and title and got clear contact paper and laminated both to my folder carrying it around like a rebelious trophy in my arms from class to class as my fellow students had their dreamy neon clad corn fed boys on theirs. Pretty soon it was noticed by my home ecc teacher, who looked like Ms Prissie from foghorn leghorn cartoons and told I would not be allowed to enter her classroom with that on my folder (Yess!! I thought) The matter was soon sorted out by a prompt letter from my mother who told the teacher in no uncertain terms that it would answer her better to get on with teaching her students then holding back a pupils education over some silly picture and 3 words and if she got offended by it that I would leave my folder in my locker for her class as petty objects seemed to offend her so - good ol mum!

I think I was pretty much infatuated with him for about 6 solid months and then I started to get into other stuff when his music got a bit crappier and his sneer became more annoying but I still held affection for about a dozen or so songs of his right up until this December he crushed the pride I had for him when he brought out 'Billy sings ...' wait for it..... Christmas songs ARghhhh. I suppose I shouldnt really judge it before I hear it but apparently its BAD and I think I would rather remember the Idol I lusted after when I was 14 then have him make me feel decrepid with age and selling out. Billy I'll remember you for the sex god you were to me 22 years ago like this

and not some Aaron knitted cardigan wearing, rocking chair sitting sell out if you dont mind. And if anyone asks who stole my heart at 14 I will answer 'Jack Bauer'..


La Cremiere said...

You're mom's cool!

I'm not a big fan of his, not much into punk. But I liked him in the Wedding Singer, and he is a punk rebel,- that alone is sexy.

staceyswo said...

I feel basically the same for the most part... I LOVED Billy Idol in the 80's. I had him plastered all over my room - was in my every thought. I saw him in concert for the first time in Sept 2005 (took me long enough!) and he was without a doubt T H E single BEST live performer I have ever seen! And I've seen lots.... Blew me away truly.

Yes.....he did release the Christmas CD and I think it freaked out a lot of his fans - me included. But since I saw him live pretty recently I know he still has "it"....and I'm not going to give up on him quite yet. Now if he releases a 2nd Cmas CD - maybe then it will seal the deal. I know he's working on a rock n roll CD right now - so try to keep the faith! But sounds like you are done.

Oh and I really do like Keifer Sutherland! He's much better now since he's aged a bit....

Take care!

slaghammer said...

You and I have similarly ass-kicking mothers. Your story reminds me of a time long, long ago…I was sent home from school three times in a row over a t-shirt with a picture of a drunk cat draped over a martini glass. Below the graphic in large font was the statement “Happiness is a Tight P*ssy.” My dear old mom got a big laugh out of it and not only allowed me to wear it back to school the second and third time, she kept the shirt as a memento and still has it today, some thirty years later. Btw, pardon the “p” word.

Glamourpuss said...

David Gedge for me. No one in my school had even heard of the Wedding Present and that's just how I liked it.

Billy Idol was way too blonde for my taste.


Stucco said...

I may be expressing my rapidly accumulating years, but I wanted to do unnatural, noisy, and difficult things to Kristy McNichol. If the rumors of her "wearing comfortable shoes" are true, I'm probably to blame.

General Catz said...

I loved Gen X. Not so much the solo stuff but some of it rocked.

Story: when i lived in LA, some friends of mine came out to visit, one who knew billy. To cut a long story short, there we all were, me knocking on his hotel room door. He opened it and i was no more than 2 feet way from him. we looked into each other's eyes and i realized we were the same height. that's what i remember! we all hung out for a bit then left, minus one friend who was one of his "ports-in-a-storm".

Crankster said...

For me, it was Cicciolina, but I guess that one doesn't easily transcend genders.

Judith said...

He was pretty sexy in his prime being a raunchy punk which is what caught my attention at my tender impressionable age - any yeah my mom Rocks!
I feel a bit of a fink dissing him when I think of all the fantasies the man gave me never mind good music, I think I will preserve the memory of him in the 80s in my heart where they will remain fresh and unpure, hurr hurr hurr Thanks for dropping by!
Wow Your mom was a bit liberal with that T-shirt LOL I think it cool she kept it. Your pardoned for using the 'p' word, Gentlemen like manners go a long way sweetie
I hear what youre saying, I loved the fact that alot of the stuff I was into no one was into or was unheard of amongst my fellow peers, thats me for most of my life, constantly swimming against the stream. And I wasnt too hot on the fact that he was blonde , the guy just exhuded that he would do 'dirty' things to a young lady like myself LOL

Your a sick man stucco a sick man! ;oP

Probably too personal of a question but would you have been his port if the opportunity had arisen (pardon the pun)?

Cicciolina was very sexy, she reminded me as some kind of pre-raphaelite water nymph if you'll pardon the pun with her garland and long hair. I could see where you are coming from with that choice (again no pun intended!)

General Catz said...

J, the answer is no, i like taller guys. Plus, he looked really strung out. I wasn't big on drugs, either. Well, not the really nasty ones.

But he WAS beautiful.