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Friday, January 26, 2007

Crap Prize

Heres a competition with difference, Caption these photos and win, can it be any simpler (or grosser!- obviously the funniest wins)?. There are two prizes up for grabs (1st and 2nd) which consist of Lucky/unlucky bags which in essence are collections of the weird and wonderful crap that collates in every nook and cranny in my home , its not all going to be crap there will be a compensationary item inside for the winners.


Pickled Olives said...

1. Truth or Dare SUCKS!
2. Never laugh at Corinthians 6:18 again!
3. Run Away! Killer Rabbit!
4. I told you she had eyes in the back of her head!

Stucco said...

I love that the dude in the last shot thinks he needs to lift his hair over THAT.

slaghammer said...

1. You take the bird, I got dibs on the guy with the camera.
2. Mother Inferior my ass!
3. Whoa! How bout warming that thermometer up first.
4. As love is blind, so too was the passion between Henrod and Barnacle.

Hammer said...

1: Bird: SHIT!

2: Take that you sinner!

3: OWWW! Let go of me you asshole!

4: Huh huh huh I named it Vesuvius.

Glamourpuss said...

1. 'I thought they said all the pussy you can eat, not the other way round!'
2. 'That wasn't what I meant when I said I'd like to try a snowball, Sister Bernadette.'
3. 'Put me down you bastard! I'M LATE!'
4. This is such an unpleasant picture I'm afraid I can't get over my nausea long enough to come up with something witty.

Puss (ever the vulgarian)

La Cremiere said...

I'm sorry. I've got nothing. The last picture is just so gross that by the time I click on comment I've forgotten the first three images. yuckie.

Judith said...

I know Ive revolted people with the last one sorry

Squid Vicious said...

1) When all else fails, taste like shit.

2) Inherit this, Sister "Meek Shall Inherit the Earth"!

3) Rabbit suck as pets, but they do make good bottle openers.

4) This is what happens when you unplug from the matrix.

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