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Saturday, March 10, 2007

weekend jukebox in hell

Hammer inspired me to do this because I couldnt quite communicate the vehemence I have for these tracks in his comments section so, Ive decided to post mine here, but I also add, it is no reflection on the actual videos some are quite fun because they are already parodying the song itself; but its the ' oh god the pain of it all' lyrics that is all important..
I wish someone would give this fucker a gust beneath theirs and blow them the fuck off the planeta whiney old maggoty whine fuckin whinge of a 'song' thank your lucky stars friedman I dont find out where you live and torch your house on the basis of the royalties you made from this song. You sing like a petshop on fire!This song is about as backward as the fuckers singing it Im putting up a bounty of 2m for the severed gelled heads of these fuckers Nothings gonna change my level of inclination to do some serious bodily harm to you if you ever visit my neck of the woods!


Hammer said...

Aww damn that shit is freaking awful!

Glamourpuss said...

Yeah, but someone out there has bought this stuff - actually, quite a lot of people must have. That's the scary part.


Pickled Olives said...

I love your rant that goes with this crap!!! be u tee ful.

Judith said...

Terrifying isnt it
I worked in HMV for 2 years , the general public has a lot to answer too
I get passionate about bad music hence the expletives, brings out a bloodlust in me..