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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Tee Shirt Hell

If you are looking to offend with tshirts heres a few examples from tshirt hell. These are mild to whats on offer on their site but thought the would raise a smile this morning for you guys.

still prefer the classic 'there are 134 joints in the human body not including the one in my pocket'


Hammer said...

I've never seen these. They are pure genius!

Stucco said...

I like the one that shows Jesus hang-gliding and says "What WOULDN'T Jesus do?"

Stucco said...

And hey- do you have any idea what's up with General Catz's blog?

slaghammer said...

Hilarious. My favorite: How Dare I Wear This Godd*amn Shirt In Front Of Your F*cking Kids.

Judith said...

They are! *giggle*
Id love to get the 'he loves the cock' tshirt for my old mans 60th which is today LOL As for catz I emailed her to give you an invite how she will do that without your email though? Maybe you can email me and Ill forward it on to her?
I havent seen that one cool choice though..

Pickled Olives said...

The Blue Trash would have been funny in Clearwater. I love Tshirt Hell. Lee introduced me. I still haven't bought anything, I cant seem to "let go" and buy.

Judith said...

There is a decidedly large element of 'letting go ' and buying one of these and then that kind of thing opens the floodgates to getting another one more offensive than the first one, pretty soon you could end up with a bounty on your head..

shoes said...

so many offensive shirts...how can one choose? i love them all but there are some that if you wear it outside you better be prepared to fight.

just in time for st paddys day

fuck you, your irish

one of my faves