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Friday, December 2, 2005

Cyber Alternate Universe

Napoleon crowned emperor in notre dame cathedral george seurat(painter) birthday

Have you ever played the alternate game by tapping your name into the search box of a browser and see who else shares your name and what profession they keep? Here is my alternate cyber family and their professions.
I am a feminist writer and head of an international law firm (two professions I would have to be coerced into) Im also an australian fibre artist in my part time too.
My Daughter Luci is a professional cricket player for the south african team
- While her sister has yet to make her mark in the alternate universe.
Ryan is a reporter in LA and when hes not doing that hes an artist for the house of windsor
Maureen my sister is a cellest and also serving time on death row
Wil, my brother is a corporate business director
John my younger brother is a catholic writer
patrick my youngest brother is a filmographer
my mother is a professor of sociology
and my father is a tenor
sounds like the most dysfunctional albeit successful family ever !
Strange thing about it in the cyber universe you can be whatever you want to be, I can have my own site and claim to have the looks of an amazon queen who is looking for an ideal husband but men are intimidated with my beauty when really my name is verne and I live with my mama in a piss stenched cabin in the everglades. Its gods gift to the walter mittys of this world, a place to find love and a place for prey of innocence and weak willed , a place for the lonely and bored- but if I was to condense it to one emotion or word its escapisim. We sit in front of our pcs to escape this world into a world far crazier and dangerous than our own. Jesus I better stop, Im bumming myself out here! I wonder what Bill Hicks would make of this cyber world I doubt he would notice as he would be too busy lobbying to get damien thorn out of washington. Bill, the feckless world needs you more now than ever - you are sorely missed...
My mother came home from Vegas this morning, She sounded wrecked but it was a once in a lifetime trip for her and so glad she enjoyed it so much. No doubt as soon as she has the minimal sleep she'll be scooting over to see the girls and get as much of a fix from them before she buggers off to new york on a mad shopping frenzy..

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